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Our team is working to develop tools and resources to support the use of the principles. Below we link to additional resources and organizations that support partnered research.




Link iconBC Support Unit – Advancing Patient-Oriented Research

A multi-partner organization that supports, streamlines, and increases patient-oriented research throughout British Columbia. The website outlines various resources and training opportunities on patient-oriented research.

Link iconCIHR Knowledge Translation

Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s definition of knowledge translation and expectations for researchers. They provide examples of knowledge translation approaches and tools to help guide your knowledge translation plan.

Link iconCommunity Engagement UBC

This website provides resources to support UBC researchers, students, and staff who are interested or involved in community engagement.

Link iconIKT Research Network

A research network dedicated to advancing the science of integrated knowledge translation (IKT). The website provides various resources on IKT, including publications, infographics and videos.

Click here to read It’s time to talk about our relationship with research. A guide to help health organizations make research activities and investments work for – rather than overwhelm – your organization.

Link iconInclusive Society

Experts were mobilized to answer the questions of the community and share good practices and tools for successful partnerships. The resources on this website are intended for anyone interested in participatory research, whether or not the work is conducted with and for people with disabilities.

Expertes et experts se sont mobilisés pour répondre aux questions de la communauté et partager leurs bons coups, leurs outils et les bonnes pratiques pour mettre en oeuvre des partenariats fructueux. Ces capsules s’adressent à toute personne intéressée par la recherche participative, que celle-ci soit menée avec et pour les personnes en situation de handicap ou non.

Link iconInnovation UBC

The Knowledge Exchange Unit provides UBC researchers, students, and staff support in knowledge exchange strategies and building research partnerships.

Click here to read You had me at “how can I help?”  This highlighted innovation story explains how a research relationship, built on the shared desire to improve the lives of people living with spinal cord injury, was developed and some outcomes from working together.

Link iconKnowledge Translation Canada

A network of Canadian experts in knowledge translation who are working together to close the research to practice gap. This website provides resources for learning more about knowledge translation in Canada.

Link iconKT Pathways

An online tool designed to help assess and improve your knowledge translation (KT) skills. This website provides an overview of KT resources to support the use of research in practice, policy, and future research.

Link iconKnowledgeNudge

Stories, resources, and tools related to knowledge translation and patient engagement, from a health research and healthcare perspective.

Link iconMelanie Barwick Consulting

Dr. Barwick is a specialist in implementation science and knowledge translation. This website offers tools, resources, and professional development opportunities to help facilitate effective and efficient dissemination of research findings into practice.

Link iconMichael Smith Foundation for Health Research

British Columbia’s health research funding agency who are committed to advancing the science of knowledge translation. This website provides resources for studying and understanding knowledge translation practices.

Link iconPatient Engagement in Research Scale (PEIRS)

The Patient Engagement in Research Scale (PEIRS) was developed by patients and family caregivers who work together with researchers on research projects. This scale is a tool for researchers to help determine the quality of patient engagement in research partnerships.

Link iconPraxis Spinal Cord Institute – How to Engage People with Lived Experience in SCI Research

A postcard outlining key steps and recommendations for engaging people with lived experience in spinal cord injury research.

Link iconResearch Impact Canada

A pan-Canadian network of universities committed to maximizing the impact of academic research in local and global communities. This website provides resources, tools, trainings, and professional development opportunities to increase knowledge mobilization and translation understanding and skills.

Link iconSSHRC Partnership Tool-Kit

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s tool-kit to help researchers and partners plan and implement a partnership. This website provides resources for applying to partnership funding and managing a partnership.

Link iconFair Market Value Calculator

This online FMV calculator can be used to determine compensation for patients, caregivers, and patient groups involved in “patient engagement activities” taking place between patient organizations and/or unaffiliated patients, and private companies. This calculator was created to provide an estimated, reasonable, and fair hourly compensation range.

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