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The following publications have resulted from our work co-developing, co-implementing, and co-evaluating the IKT Guiding Principles. Further information is also available via Open Science Framework.


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Academic Publications


document iconIKT Guiding Principles Manuscript

The paper that presents the IKT Guiding Principles for conducting and disseminating spinal cord injury research in partnership. This paper describes the process of rigorously and systematically co-developing the IKT Guiding Principles.


Gainforth, H. L., Hoekstra, F., McKay, R., McBride, C. B., Sweet, S. N., Martin Ginis, K. A., Anderson, K., Chernesky, J., Clarke, T., Forwell, S., Maffin, J., McPhail, L. T., Mortenson, W. B., Scarrow, G., Schaefer, L., Sibley, K. M., Athanasopoulos, P., & Willms, R. (2020). Integrated Knowledge Translation Guiding Principles for Conducting and Disseminating Spinal Cord Injury Research in Partnership. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, S0003-9993(20)31155-2. Advance online publication.

document iconA Review of Reviews on Principles, Strategies, Outcomes and Impacts of Research Partnerships Approaches

This review of reviews presents overarching principles, strategies, outcomes, and impacts of research partnerships. The findings are synthesized from partnership literature across different research areas involving different groups of research users.


Hoekstra, F., Mrklas, K.J., Khan, M. McKay, R. C., Vis-Dunbar, M., Sibley, K. M., Nguyen, T., Graham, I. D., SCI Guiding Principles Consensus Panel., & Gainforth, H. L. (2020) A review of reviews on principles, strategies, outcomes and impacts of research partnerships approaches: a first step in synthesising the research partnership literature. Health Research Policy and Systems, 18,51.

document iconA Trainee Perspective on an IKT Approach to Developing the First IKT Guiding Principles for the SCI Research System

The IKT Guiding Principles project is included within the fourth volume of the IKTRN casebook series that highlights what really happens in IKT projects. This paper discusses the experiences and lessons learned by trainees who are part of the IKT Guiding Principles partnership.


Hoekstra, F., McKay, R. C., & Gainforth, H. L. (2021) A trainee perspective on an integrated knowledge translation approach to developing the first Integrated Knowledge Translation Guiding Principles for the spinal cord injury research system. In C. McCutcheon, J. Reszel, A. Kothari, & I. D Graham (Eds.), How we work together: The Integrated Knowledge Translation Research Network Casebook. Vol. 4. Integrated Knowledge Translation Research Network. Available at:

document iconA Review Protocol on Research Partnerships: a Corrdinated Multicenter Team Approach

The review protocol outlining the five reviews that will take place to locate, review, and synthesize literature to better understand the evidence base of research partnerships.


Hoekstra, F., Mrklas, K. J., Sibley, K. M., Nguyen, T., Vis-Dunbar, M., Neilson, C. J., Crockett, H. L., Gainforth, H. L., Graham, I. D. (2018). A review protocol on research partnerships: a Coordinated Multicenter Team approach. Systematic Reviews, 7(1).

document iconResearchers’ and Research Users’ Experiences With and Reasons for Working Together in Spinal Cord Injury Research Partnerships

This qualitative study provides a new understanding of spinal cord injury researchers’ and research users’ partnership experiences over time.


Hoekstra, F., Schaefer, L., Athanasopoulos, P., SCI Guiding Principles Consensus Panel., & Gainforth, H. L. (2021). Researchers’ and Research Users’ Experiences With and Reasons for Working Together in Spinal Cord Injury Research Partnerships: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Health Policy and Management.


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